Postnatal Doula

What could postnatal work might look like for you:


  • Support for all the choices you have to make as a new mother

  • Being supported and nurtured so you are able to settle into a blissful postpartum knowing you have the experience on hand to put your mind and body at ease

  • Healthy, nutritious food made in your home, or arriving freshly cooked, from a menu that is absolutely your choice (but with loads of ideas and advice about how to support the postpartum body)

  • Help with practical tasks according to your needs

  • Support for the concept that a mother always knows best.  My wish and heartfelt desire is to encourage confidence in the women I work with allowing you the time and space to begin trusting in yourself, and your innate instinctive mothering, so that when its time for me to leave you, you are totally ready to move into the next phase of your mothering journey with excitement 

  • Help with creating a relaxing and calm environment so that you and your family has the time and energy to treasure this precious time

  • Massage and Ceremony.  I love to bring postnatal recovery massage (Closing the Bones) into my postnatal work.  This is hands-on work and can help with lymphatic drainage, dispursing built up minerals and other leftover and unwanted reactive tissue left from the stress of giving birth.  This specific massage helps to articulate the Pelvis, Lumbar Spine, and Sacroiliac joints and addresses ligament tension.  As we work all around the pelvic area we can help displaces organs re-settle after migrating out the way as the baby grows during pregnancy.  In this crazy Covid-19 world we are living in, touch is such has become such a premium product.  I have found that it has been a treasured part of my postnatal work and a time to really connect and share in a way that is hard to do elsewhere



In addition, we can help provide evidence-based information and support around:


  • Infant feeding

  • Emotional and physical recovery from birth

  • Mother and baby bonding and attachment

  • Basic newborn care

  • Understanding your babies' behavior and recognising feeding cues




Various packages are available for both the birth and postpartum. 

Please get in touch to find out what offering is right for you including

COVID-19 arrangements and price adaptations