Our Services

Our Flagship Course:


Ancient Wisdom Modern Practice


In-depth Antenatal classes taking you from pregnancy through to postpartum in 6 2hr Sessions

Presented on Zoom


Other Offerings:




1-2-1 and Group Hypnobirthing Courses run face to face and on Zoom with a price range to fit all circumstances

Postpartum Food & Menus

As part of her Services, Kim offers home-cooked (or prepared in situ), nutrient-dense postpartum meals influenced by her research into how Asian, Middle eastern and Indigenous cultures all over the world feed their new mothers.  This is a totally individual offering with a range of packages to suit different families and different needs

Breastfeeding Support


Breastfeeding Support packages tailored to you and your baby's needs including evidence-based research on bed sharing, normal baby feeding behaviour and how to navigate newborn sleep patterns



Herbal Medicine For The Birthing Year


1-2-1 sessions covering herbal support including lifestyle suggestions, diet & exercise to gently address any health concerns you may have during the birthing year



Postnatal Massage (Closing the Bones)


Closing the Bones Postpartum Recovery Massage is a traditional postpartum body treatment designed to support, nurture and honour a woman after childbirth.  In Ecuador, a new mother would be given this deep and meditative gift by the local midwives and birthworkers within hours of a child being born and again 5 or 6 times during the fourth trimester (approx 40 days postpartum)

Placenta Services

Incorporating her skills as a Herbalist and Doula, and with knowledge of herbal preperations and dispensories, Kim is able to prepare Placenta medicine to your spicific needs and reqirements