Traditional Birth Keeper: 


Birth support, planning and practical advice


A Birth Keeper can support a woman and her chosen partner through pregnancy, during the birth itself and during the precious time after a new baby has been born.  Having worked as a Doula for the past 30 years Kim brings all her knowledge into her work.  She has a wealth of knowledge & experience ranging from the practical to the spiritual and covers a diverse set of disciplines that provide guidance and nurture in so many different ways


Postnatal care and support

Working with women in this role I have the privilege of spending time with new mothers and their babies.  Sadly, in the Western tradition, the postnatal period has become something to be measured, weighed, monitored and endured.  Instead we, nurture, celebrate, honour and serve families in the precious time as a woman steps into her new archetype and becomes a mother.  I have a mission to bring back a feeling of reverence for new motherhood using a combination of practical support combined with massage & nutrition for mother and to celebrate new family & new life.