As a trained and accredited Herbalist, I have been offering support to pregnant women and their families for over 10 years.  

I always offer Herbal support to my doula clients as part of my package but I also see women on a 1-2-1 basis.

As a 1-2-1 client, Initial consultations generally take between 1-2hrs after which I send a written report outlining our conversation alongside your treatment plan plus lifestyle, dietary, and supplement recommendations.  Our time together is spent getting to know you and your circumstances and the reason you are seeking help.  I will take a medical history and ask about your pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding journey when appropriate. 


Because I have now, essentially, moved these consultations to Zoom, I will sometimes ask that you request some further information from your health care providers or refer you to somewhere to get blood tests and/or a physical examination done. 


The price for this first in-depth consultation is £75.00


Follow-up appointments vary from £35 - £50 depending on the level of support you need.  They will generally take 45 - 60mins.  

2 days a week I am available for phone calls and can also be reached by email if anything comes up between appointments.  Because I work with pregnant and perinatal women things can change very quickly and I am available so that women can be in touch more often when they need to.

The cost of the herbs are not included in the consultation fee as they vary from person to person however they are generally no more than £15.00 per week.

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