Traditional Birth Keeper



A birth keeper is someone who walks with women on their journeys into birth and new parenthood.  


As a traditional, or radical birth keeper, I am entirely woman-led, woman-centered, and woman-focused, and as such, much of my work is with partners and families providing guidance, experience and loving direction as to how they can create an atmosphere and environment best suited for uninterrupted birth to unfold.


As a traditional birth keeper, I have learned to be intuitive and adaptable; I have found this to be the only way I can be really present and connect to what is needed in any given moment.  I bring my many years experience of birth (from my own 3 births and those I have had the honour to witness) and a deep trust in the process and the sacred transformation it brings.  


Deep intuitive birth work requires all the skills I have at my disposal to encourage mothers and their partners to do their own personal inner exploration and work to arrive at a place of trust and autonomy in their process. We spend time together to find a place where they feel safe and informed and comfortable in their choices.  Building a trusting relationship is everything, which is why I prefer to charge for the whole birthing experience rather than a specific amount of visits or products.  Because I offer unrestricted communication from the start, every part of the journey can be thought through and adapted to every woman, family and situation. I am entirely distinct from the midwives and doctors and offer no medical information or advice whatsoever.  I can discuss and pass on relevant information about medical topics that may arise, which may help inform decision-making.


I cover Brighton, East Sussex and London (travel time permitting).


What hiring me looks like:


Booking Meeting

Our first meeting, which can be face-to-face or on Zoom is all about information sharing and getting ourselves to a place where we feel happy to move forward.  If you chose not to hire me at this point there is no charge and we just go our separate ways. I chose not to put a time restriction on this meeting but I find that they are generally around 2hrs.  It's important to get this bit right as I am not the perfect fit for everyone and there are plenty of Doulas and Birthkeepers out there with different stories, personalities and skill-sets.  They are all amazing so if I am not right for you I will signpost you to others that might suit you better. 

Prior to the beginning the antenatal sessions

Once you have decided that I am what you are looking for we can make plans.  We decide which, out of the services I have on offer, you would like, and how, and when you want them.  Because I can offer many different options I tend to do this on a client-by-client basis.  Each individual service is listed and you can find the list and links here and I can combine them into sessions tailored to you and your partner's needs.  I will send you an email outlining what we have discussed and ask for written confirmation that you wish to go ahead.

I have 2 medium-sized birthing pools for loan if you are planning a home birth so all you need to buy is a liner and a hose.  I can provide the rest.

Antenatal visits 

I always include  2 - 4 (and up to 6) antenatal sessions and there is no set time limit for these although they generally last approximately 2hrs.  This is where we spend time getting to know each other and we talk and work. I encourage you and your partner/birth-team to have at least one session on hopes, fears, your special requirements and anything else that might be important or necessary to cover.  There is no topic off limits and I am extremely open-minded.  In my years of working with birthing people I have experienced most things and  the key is open communication. 

Continuous Support

Apart from the antenatal visits I also offer Telephone/Txt/Zoom and/or Facetime support so you can generally get hold of me whenever you need to.  A lot of my work is from home and I am, therefore, normally able to get back to you within a couple of hours. If I'm at another birth I will always be able to text at the very least.  I do turn my phone off at night unless I'm on call but I can add your number to the exceptions list if you feel you need me to.


On-call is from 38 Weeks and, other than an emergency, I (or 'we' if I am working with another birthkeeper in a shared care package) are available 24/7 until the birth of your baby. If labour starts in an on/off pattern or waters break without contractions thats also fine, we just trust the process and see how you feel.  

The Birth Itself

I work alone or with one of a handful of beautiful birth keepers who share my passion and values but also bring their own special flavour of birth work.  I/we are with clients until their baby and placenta have been delivered safely and baby has had their first feed.  If the birth is exceptionally long I/we will tag-team with the other people at the birth and snatch a snooze when we can.  I have been known to sleep in an empty birth pool at the hospital on occasion but I don't think they would let me these days!  I only leave when you have your baby in your arms and are ready to get some well-deserved sleep.  I have 2 medium-sized birthing pools for loan if you are planning a home birth so all you need to buy is a liner and a hose.  I can provide the rest.

Postnatal Visits

I always include an absolute minimum of 4 antenatal visits, no time limit!  These are arranged as and when suits you and can be kept back for when a partner goes back to work or be used straight away.  It usually depends on whether you have other services booked and what they are.  Debriefing and breastfeeding support are 100% covered during these visits but if you require more then we can add more just decide and we can make it happen. 


Birth Keeper Package £1500.00