Our Flagship Course:


Ancient Wisdom Modern Practice is the culmination of 30 yrs of work in the birth world from 2 women whose joint and complementary journeys culminate in a course that spans the entire birthing year from preconception to thriving with your newborn. 


In this course, Kim and Tansy have poured their combined mothering and professional experience into creating a comprehensive and intuitive antenatal preparation.  Their shared belief is fundamentally based in their joint conviction that, although a woman can birth a baby with absolutely no birth education at all, if she and her partner wish to have choice in how the birth unfolds, then an in-depth level of understanding, information and some effective tools, will give them the best chance of creating a birth that is right for them. 


The course is aimed at both birthing people and their birth partners as we really value the incredibly important role that partners play.  We feel that the information throughout the course is invaluable to partners and the entire birth 'team'.

Session 1


The first session takes you through a detailed look at the way the female hormonal blueprint works and how it is perfectly designed for growing, birthing, and nourishing a baby.  We discuss how the cocktail of hormones is so finely tuned for birth that, when having a baby, a woman is literally fulfilling her generational, genetic, physiological purpose which comes into perfect focus when she grows, births, and sustains new life.  We examine how supporting your physiology is the absolute key to creating the right environment in which to give birth.


Session 2


The second session is all about the mind and body toolbox you can employ to navigate one of the most intense things you will ever do.  Hypnobirthing is the underlying principle of this session along with Breathing Techniques, Visualisations, Affirmations, and other Comfort Measures that enable you to get the most from this transforming and transcendent experience.


Session 3


Here is where we dive into the birth itself.  We talk in detail about the variables and the non-variables and talk about what you may experience.  Because this is so utterly unique to each woman and each birth this is not an easy task... but we give it a really good go and use some interesting and broad influences to take the course through the winding path that is the extraordinary event of childbirth.  We look at how labour might start and what to expect in the early part.  We then take it through to the longer harder phase of active labour, what that means physically and mentally, and then on to Transition.

Session 4


This second birth session focuses on the 'down' or 'pushing' stage.  Again we talk through physiology and what is actually happening as your baby gears up for the descent through the birth canal.  We cover birthing positions and what kind of support you might want or need during delivery.  Later in the session, we spend quite a bit of time discussing the hours immediately after birth including The Third Stage, The Golden Hour, Cord Clamping, and Initiation of Breastfeeding.

Session 5


Moving on to the 4th Trimester we expand on the idea that the hormonal physiology of childbirth is as important in the newborn period as it is in birth and plays a huge part in how you are able to navigate the demands of new parenthood.  We really focus on Sleep, Feeding and what to expect.  80% of new parents feel overwhelmed at this time and we think it is really important to prepare as thoroughly for the postnatal period as it is to prepare for labour and birth.

Session 6


Feeding your baby.  This session focuses on breastfeeding!  It can be difficult to think about feeding your baby before you have one, but our experience has taught us that the more you know about how it works and the possible challenges, the better equipped you are to fulfill your breastfeeding goals.  We focus on building confidence and we offer loads of tips and tricks to support you.  We want to be clear that we support women to make the right choices for them when considering how to feed their baby, but there is not nearly as much to say about bottle feeding in terms of the hows and whys which is why we focus on breastfeeding for the last session.

In addition, each session comes with additional resources to cement your learning and help your preparation.  These include:


  • Reading and Media Info

  • HypnoBirthing Scripts

  • Factsheets

  • Homework Questions 

  • Birth Wishes Booklet

  • Postnatal Preparation Booklet


We also have a Private Facebook Group where we post any new and exciting info we come across.  It is a space to ask questions and share some community with others who have taken the course.  We will send you a link to join when you have completed registration.


Time and time again we hear that the people we work with have fundamentally changed the way they view birth and how they hope to navigate this profoundly important and life-changing event  

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