HypnoBirthing is a method of creating calm confidence during childbirth.  HypnoBirthing helps women to give birth more easily, and address their fear, using breathing, self-hypnosis, relaxation and visualisation techniques.  Women who use hypnoBirthing often have shorter labours, need less pain relief and have been shown to need fewer medical interventions.


As a HypnoBirh educator, I offer a complete antenatal package covering the hypnosis techniques as well as wealth of practical advice and information.  This course is for mothers and their birth partners (who can sometimes feel a bit like a spare part!). Combining the HypnoBirth element of the course with the more practical content enables parents-to-be to feel really well prepared to go into the birth of their baby. At this amazing and transformative time, reliable knowledge can make all the difference.  For most people the more prepared you are the more relaxed you can be. The ultimate aim is to inspire women, and their birth partners, to welcome the prospect of childbirth with self-belief and excitement knowing that they have tools to make it the most wonderful, life-changing experience.  Every parent deserves to emerge from this 'right of passage' feeling the full wonder and awe of having brought new life into the world in their own unique and special way.


I hear the words 'empowering women' used often in the literature around HypnoBirthing but in general I like to think of it more as helping women to release and express their own innate mothering power setting them up for their journey of motherhood.


I run my workshops from home in Brighton, East Sussex, in an informal and comfortable setting, so have the ability to tailor the course times to my client's needs.  I am also happy to travel to a place that suits the parents or take group sessions, should there be enough couples that would like to work together for a reduced price.  Price plans can be discussed on enquiry.


Of course, mothers can attend the course with or without a birth partner but I strongly advise, if you have one, to bring them along; a partner can contribute so much in the lead-up to, and during, the birth.  So many birth partners I have worked with have developed a tangible connection to their baby, their emerging parenthood and the birthing process and nearly always complete the course calmer and more engaged and motivated.



Course Content:


  • Birth physiology and the effect of being observed

  • What is Labour: How does labour start/Muscles of the Uterus and how they work 

  • The birthing hormones: Oxytocin, Endorphins, Prolactin and how the stress response affects them

  • Early Labour, Established labour, Transition and when to call the midwife

  • Breathing Techniques - The 'Up' stage of labour & the 'Down' stage of labour

  • Visualisation Techniques for both stages

  • The Self Hypnosis Scripts and how they work

  • Language and how this affects our perception

  • Different interventions:  Induction, Syntocinon, Pain Relief, Epidural, Forceps, Ventouse, Caesarian Section

  • Where to give birth:  Home, MLU, Hospital, Birth Pool & how each affects your pain relief options

  • Birth Partners Questions

  • Massage: Perineal Massage (preventing tearing) in the months leading up to the birth of your baby and Massage techniques for during labour that stimulate your body's natural endorphins  

  • Writing your birth preferences including covering different outcomes

  • The third stage/Postpartum:  Cord Clamping, delivery of the placenta, Skin-to-Skin, womb to world

  • Breast Feeding and the first Latch:  Positions for effectively feeding your new-born baby

  • Babymoon and how to plan for it and make time to adjust 

  • Herbs and their basic application during pregnancy, childbirth & postpartum  



Package consists of  4 X 3 hour sessions plus:


  • Course handbook with all the covered content

  • Various Hypnobirthing MP3's  

  • A PDF food guide: Some tips on what to eat, or not to eat, for your babies optimal growth and development

  • A Postpartum Herbal Sachet to help heal your perineum

  • Phone and email and Skype/FaceTime support within business hours until after the birth of the baby



                                      Package Cost:  £349.00