Welcome to The Birthing Year

The Birthing Year is a place where you can find information about Antenatal Courses, HypnoBirthing and Birth keeping Services. We are also in the process of building a blog to cover pregnancy and birth-related subjects. This year we have launched our antenatal program, Ancient Wisdom Modern Practice, to work alongside our soon to be released Podcast of the same name 


We are women who spend our lives working in the birth world covering pregnancy, childbirth and supporting new parents.  It is our dream to collect, produce and provide information, of the best quality, and be able to point you in the direction of services we have researched and poured our years of experience into gathering    


We would love you to have a look and see what's on offer


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When a new baby comes into the world 

it is not just the birth of a baby

but is also the birth of a mother